Date: 6th May 2018
Judge: Tom Mather (Barklots)


I thoroughly enjoyed my day with your lovely breed. There was a good entry but sadly a number of absentees. There was a good atmosphere and the Officers and Committee had really worked hard to put on an attractive, well-run welcoming show. My sincere thanks go to my two excellent stewards, Tan Nagrecha and Chris Spencer-Gray and to Gordon and Tanya Booth for the really delicious lunch. At the conclusion of judging I was presented with the most lovely thoughtful gift which I will treasure as a memento of a special day.

MINOR PUPPY DOG - 3 Entries 1 Absent

1st Forrest & Thomas’ Tombears Who Dares Wins Over Philandros. I admired his overall balance and type. Substantial and well grown with good quality bone. Slightly arched, strong neck with some dewlap. Decent shoulders. Good breadth and depth of chest. Very positive rear action, shows well and this youthful exuberance was occasionally evident in his tail carriage 
2nd Deuchar-Fawcett’s U Are My Private Driver Wielkopolski Bernadrdyn (Imp). Good sized skull, well developed brow, defined stop, large open nostrils. Clean, reasonably tight eye. Perhaps not quite the bone of the winner, decent feet. Well bodied with good ribs. Movement ok.

PUPPY DOG - 1 Entry 1 Absent

JUNIOR DOG - 1 Entry

1st Deegan’s Samhaven Raise a Glass for Chandlimore. Beautifully balanced and very typey, reasonably tight eye, strong masculine skull, definite stop, benevolent expression. Well boned with compact, well arched feet. Decent breadth and depth of chest. Broad, strong quarters. Very good front action, just a fraction close going away but most impressive in profile with a smooth easy action and good tail carriage. Shown in first class condition. Best Dog and Best in Show.

MAIDEN DOG - 0 Entries




1st Snaith’s Chedham Phantom Of The Opera. A lovely character, good size well-proportioned skull. Clean eye. Good bone. Well bodied with good length of rib and some breadth over the hind quarters. Could be a little firmer in topline. Very pleasing profile action.

OPEN DOG - 2 Entries – 0 Absent

1st Forrrest’s Mountsaviour Druesberg. A mature, strongly made substantial well-balanced dog. Large head with good brow and definite stop. Pleasing forehand with adequate depth of brisket, good bone. Some breadth over the loin and firm topline. Moderately angulated and well muscled. Movement ok and in profile he has an easy, unhurried fluid action. Reserve Best Dog. 
2nd Butt & Muggleton’s Bernmont  Justin. Masculine with a large, well-proportioned skull, clean eye and deep stop. Good breadth and depth of chest.
Could be a  little firmer in topline, good ribbing and some breadth over the loins. Moved out soundly.

MINOR PUPPY BITCH - 1 Entry - 0 Absent

1st Thomas’ Tombears Once Upon A Time. I was quite taken with this youngster and thought that she had much to commend her. Attractive head with kind expression, clean tight eye, good breadth of muzzle and defined stop and brow. Well boned with good feet. Good body for age. Standing she does present a lovely outline and didn’t disappoint on the move. Still rather raw and babyish but at 7 months of age time is on her side. Best Puppy in Show.

JUNIOR BITCH - 4 Entries - 1 Absent

Three nice bitches. 1st Howard’s Pippanabbey Adoration. A good moving, well made bitch who is pleasing to handle and shows to good advantage. Good sized yet feminine skull, well developed brow, deep stop and broad muzzle, kindly expression. Good depth of brisket and some breadth of chest. Well coupled with good breadth over the quarters. Sound both up and down. Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show. 
2nd Horwood, Grainger & Nagrecha’s Samhaven In Sunshine Chandlimore. Not the maturity of body of the winner but typey and makes good use of her neck and shoulders. Good skull, clean eye. Firm, level topline. Moved soundly and shown in lovely coat. 
3rd Lyon’s & Grubb’s Bernegardens Jeanne D’Arc At Snowfordhill (Imp)

MAIDEN BITCH - 3 Entries 1 Absent

1st Howard’s Pippanabbey Hazelnut. Good head properties with prominent brow, clean eye, good breadth of muzzle with large strong teeth and scissor bite. Well boned with decent forechest and depth of brisket. Firm topline. Feet could be a shade more compact. Well ribbed and moved soundly with a fluid action. Reserve Best Bitch.
2nd Booth’s Beausaints Hearts N’soul. Shapely and nicely balanced and a lovely character. Decent skull, good neck and shoulders, good bone and feet. Firm topline. Easy, fluid profile action

POST GRADUATE BITCH - 5 Entries - 4 Absent

1st Birkinshaw’s Amardapark Hera Spring Calls. Very pleasing for both balance and type. Large skull with clean tight eye, good brow and stop. Pleasing forehand with good quality bone. Strong, slightly arched neck. Well ribbed with some breadth over the loin. Could be a shade firmer in topline. Moved well both ways with good tailset and carriage.

LIMIT BITCH - 4 Entries 2 Absent

1st Butt’s Brightacres Your So Facey. Good sized skull, well-proportioned head, kind expression. Lovely bone and good feet. Good depth of chest and well ribbed. Moved out well with some power from the rear. 
2nd Lyons, Grubb & Wright’s Penelope Van’t Hof Ten Eynder At Snowfordhill. Good sized skull; clean, dark tight eye. Good bone. Good body and rib with some breadth over the quarters. Shapely and presents a pleasing outline.


1st Drewe’s Finetime Summer Breeze. A real sweetie with a lovely temperament, good head proportions, Some dewlap and good length of neck. Well ribbed with a good topline. Dense, close coat.

SPECIAL BEGINNERS - 1 Entry 0 Absent

1st Booth’s Chedham Ice Ice Baby At Beausaints. Upstanding and quite shapely with decent bone and feet. Well ribbed with strong loin and fair quarters. Moved out well but just a little proud of her tail.

1st Lyons & Grubb’s Snowfordhill Super Flower. Very nearly 10 years of age and shown in superb coat and muscular condition. Good sized skull with prominent brow and good stop. Clean eye. Well boned with compact, well padded feet. Good body and strong loin. Sound on the move.

BRACE - 2 Entries 1 Absent

1st Beausaints Heart N’Soul – Chedham Ice Ice Baby At Beausaints. Two very typical bitches who moved out well in complete unison and clearly enjoying their outing.

Judge: Tom Mather