Date: 14th November 2015
Judge: Judy McMurray (Alpentire)


Many thanks to the Committee for inviting me to judge their Championship Show. It is some time since I judged a breed show, and I thoroughly enjoyed my day. Thanks to those exhibitors who gave me the opportunity to go over their dogs and accepting my decisions with such sportsmanship. Congratulations to the Committee for a well organised show which produced such a very friendly atmosphere.
I was very pleased with my main winners who were all good representatives of the breed. Overall presentation was good but quite a few dogs would benefit from having their nails cut. The Standard calls for large compact well arched toes and this picture is spoilt by long nails. Another point to watch on feet is a tendency towards flat feet. Movement on the whole continues to improve as do mouths, teeth of good size only one overshot bite. Eyes whilst not showing the amount of haw of old, too many exhibits had loose fitting eyelids. The Standard states that eyelids should be reasonably tight, this is a point that certainly needs addressing.

Minor Puppy Dog (2)

1st Harris’s Parleshan Basil - Promising 8 month old, Pleasing head & expression. Well bodied deep chest & level top line, Well off for bone with tight feet, in good coat & condition, moved ok.
2nd Cowie’s Shambrabern Saxon Corona - Another 8 month old baby not as forward as 1. slightly longer cast & rather bum high. Rather overawed by the occasion & reluctant to be handled.

Puppy Dog (3)

1st Nagrecha’s Chandlimore Happy Days - This dog caught my  eye as soon as he entered the ring. A most beautiful & soundly constructed big dog of gorgeous type & quality. His excellent bone, legs, feet & shoulders are outstanding, nicely balanced body. Excellent head properties, good width of skull, good stop & strong  square muzzle, dark tight eyes & correct bite. Presented in immaculate condition. Truly one to watch in the future. RES DOG CC, BEST PUPPY
2nd Gibson’s The Great Gatsby - This youngster at the inbetween puppy growth stage. Rough male, good front, upstanding with plenty of width in the chest. Pleasing head & expression, good stop & depth of muzzle, tight eyes. Not in the best of coat today, not the balance & topline of 1. but this should improve as he matures.
3rd Lodge’s Sanflax Secret Lad - The baby of the class here, presented in good condition, nice outline, good rear angulation needs to settle on the move, feet could be tighter.

Junior Dog (5) (2abs)

1st Wardle’s Chandlimore Time And Again - Most attractive youngster of good size, good head, developing well , broad skull, good eyes well defined stop & strong short muzzle. Lovely reach of neck & well laid shoulders, good angulation correct front & well off for bone, he has plenty of depth & a well sprung rib, sounds on the move. Presented in tip top condition.
2nd Heath’s Snoshire Showstopper Mr Alf - well presented youngster of 16 months. Another at the in between stage. Pleasing head, lovely dark eyes with soft expression, good front & shoulders stands straight in stifle.
3rd Lazarides's Alchazandis Bailey Over Ice - This big boy carries excess weight, standing he is all male. Well developed head, eyes rather loose & light which spoils the expression. His weight clearly affected his action on the move.

Maiden Dog (1) (1abs)

Novice Dog (2) (1abs)

1st Lazarides's Alchanazandis Bailey Over Ice - This big boy carries excess weight, standing he is all male. Well developed head, eyes rather loose & light which spoils the expression. His weight clearly affected his action on the move.

Special Novice Smooth Dog (2) (2abs)

Post Graduate Dog (4) (1abs)

1st Dasserville’s Carashon Royal Flush - Tall upstanding splash coated dog, super head, super skull well defined stop & short square muzzle. Good eyes & teeth well laid shoulders, correct straight front, well off for bone & good angulation, moved soundly with drive., a pity he was light in weight, I liked him a lot.
2nd Forrest’s Mountsavior Druesberg - Another upstanding dog, longer cast, not as balanced as 1. could do with more rear angulation , but he moved out well, lovely mature head with correct expression, good eye shape & colour. Still a raw youngster, not quite the finished boy.
3rd Lindsay’s Bernmont Michael Angelo - Well made 2 year dog with plenty of substance & bone, pleasing head & expression, very masculine, good stop & muzzle. His lack of overall balance & angulation affected his movement & he needs to tighten his feet.

Limit Dog (4)

1st Reid’s Eyeobe Lord Of The Isles At Birkenbush - Most attractive eye catching well balanced dog. Not one of the  biggest but a good all round package. Large skull with a well defined stop & short strong muzzle. Shown in excellent condition he has bags of substance, well off for bone with good angles front & rear. He moved out with style once he got into his stride, with his handler getting the best out of him. Well Done. He was pushed hard by the puppy in the Challenge for Dog CC. DOG CC & RBIS
2nd Muggleton’s Bermont Harrison - A Handsome splash coated male, lovely masculine head, wide skull & pleasing expression. Well made with good top line & angles. I preferred the movement of 1.
3rd Deegan, Spencre-Gray & Gray’s Saranbeck Never A Secret - A lovely smooth I have admired  from the ringside. Mature head with correct expression. Good dark eyes & excellent teeth. Great balance & substance with excellent angles front & rear, moves out well so lightly, for a big dog. Not in his best coat & lacked his usual sparkle today.

Open Dog (2)

1st Birkenshaw’s Amardapark Ralph - Quality dog of good proportions, excellent breed type. Ok in front, body & quarters. Masculine headpiece, good eyes & teeth. Moved & shown well.
2nd Nagrecha’s Chandlimore Black Is Back - Another quality dog from the top drawer. Lovely head & expression. Good width of skull. Rather apprehensive here today which spoilt his chances.

Special Open Smooth Dog - No Entries

Special Beginners - No Entries

Minor Puppy Bitch (1)

1st Latham’s & Stanton's Eminence Showing The Way - Very promising pretty puppy, good head, feminine expression, good front with ample body & bone for age. Presented in immaculate coat & condition, stands well, rises in top line, this should improve with maturity. Stood alone but well worthy of a first place.

Puppy Bitch (4)

1st Nagrecha’s Goody Bags - What a Goody bag, this youngster is just 11 months old, & has it all. Beautiful feminine head & expression. Showy & stylish with good angles, super top line, expertly handled & moved beautifully. Litter sister to Best Puppy Dog. These siblings will be worth watching BPB
2nd Latham’s & Stanton's Eminence Showing The Way - Very promising pretty puppy, good head, feminine expression, good front with ample body & bone for age. Presented in immaculate coat & condition, stands well, rises in top line, this should improve with maturity.
3rd Latham’s & Stanton's Eminence Rising Star - Taller attractively marked puppy presented in immaculate order at the awkward stage of growth, on maturity will trouble the best.

Junior Bitch (4)

1st Staley & Brennan’s Chandlimore Razzle Dazzle - Classy young bitch with lovely outline. Good reach of neck with level top line. Moved out really well, so well muscled & excellent condition & presentation.
2nd O’Reilly’s Bernmont Natasha - Well balanced, shorter bitch of excellent type, shapely , well covered body with good spring of rib & deep chest. Good top line. Moved well.
3rd Thomas’s Bulabos Out Of Control At Tombear - Splash coated bitch, just a year old & still very much a puppy. Longer cast in stance, dips slightly in top line, spoiling her outline. Well presented & handled.

Maiden Bitch (1)

1st Gournaris-Milner Alchazandis Lucky Diamond - Compact bitch, just over a year old, pleasing head & expression. Moved out better than in earlier class, another youngster with a rising top line, should improve with maturity

Novice Bitch - No Entries

Special Novice Smooth Bitch - No Entries

Post Graduate Bitch (6) (2 abs)

1st MacDonald’s Chedham Apples Pye - This youngster so well balances. Good front with deep chest , shapely well covered body with well sprung rib, excellent profile. Pleasing headpiece with lovely feminine expression, good eyes & teeth, pleased to award RES CC
2nd Clarke’s Lazeybears Dark Indulgence - Taller bitch, slightly longer cast, pleasing head with a soft expression, went well.
3rd Lindsay’s Bernmont Madelaine - 2 year bitch of decent type, not one of the biggest, shorter on leg, well off for body & lots of substance. Down on feet & pasterns.

Limit Bitch (4)

1st Farrell, Gilbert & Bott’s Lazeybears Is It Just Me - Super headed eye catching bitch. Good stop & string correct muzzle, pleasing feminine expression. She has a good front assembly, lovely reach of neck, body well covered, moved with style & balance from side, rather narrow behind. In excellent coat & condition, beautifully presented.
2nd MacDonald’s Lazeybears Here To Stay At Chedham - Litter sister to 1. Strong well balanced with good angles. Shapely well covered, body pleasing front, deep chest & well off for bone. Not in the best of coats today. She moved well with drive. Feminine expression with good eyes & teeth, should change places with her sibling on another day.
3rd Bannister’s Chandlimore Rhythm Dancer At Banndean - Very pretty girl with lots to like about her. Well balanced, level top line, good tail set, excellent rear quarters with well muscled thighs. Pleasing expression , excellent eyes & level bite, would like more stop & squareness of muzzle.

Open Bitch (4) (2 abs)

1st Grainger & Nagrecha’s CH Chandlimore Sparks Will Fly Over Samhaven - What more can be written about this super saint. The nearest to a blueprint for the breed. A super stylish girl with a fabulous profile. Lovely head with nice shaped dark expressive eyes, broad skull, good stop, short deep muzzle, good teeth & turn of lip. Excellent front, well laid shoulders, well covered body. Coat, condition & presentation tip top. Muscular hindquarters excellent angulation & well bent stifles. Set up so in tune with her handler, she moved around covering the ground with ease. A pleasure to watch. CC & BOB
2nd Muggleton’s Bernmont Holly - A quality bitch, longer cast well balanced on string legs. Pleasing head with feminine expression, good stop & muzzle. Moved out with style, covered the ground well. Improves on each outing.

Veteran (3) Dog or Bitch

1st Butt’s Chananou Captain Cuttle - Well presented dog in good coat & condition. Typical head, good eyes & teeth. Shorter in back , good top line & hindquarters, moved well, not showing nay sign of his age & clearly enjoying the day
2nd Stockdale’s Chandlimore Foreign Affair - A really masculine smooth with such a super headpiece. Broad skull, deep stop & full square muzzle. Deep chest, well ribbed & good top line. So reluctant to move but still deserves his plaving.
3rd Lazarides Alcandis Calypso Dancer - Well made bitch now 10 years old, pleasing head, deep chest, well bodied. Could do with a bit of tidying up & better presentation.