19th November 2016
Mary Reid (Birkenbush)


I would like to thank the Officers and Committee for the invitation to judge this show, and also the exhibitors for the opportunity to go over their dogs. I found some lovely dogs and was pleased to see some very promising youngsters coming through which bodes well for the future of our breed. I would also like to thank my stewards Linda Martin & Gordon Booth for keeping things running smoothly.

Class 1 Minor Puppy Dog (4)  (1abs)

1st. MacDonalds Chedham Bear Necessities 7 months old, well constructed, dark eyes, correct dentition & deep stop, good reach of neck & good shoulders, well off for bone & moved well.
2nd. Thorpes Prince Bruno 7 months old, tight dark eyes giving a benevolent expression correct bite & good earset, well boned & tight feet. Moved well
3rd. Holness’s Ricci Tokada Just 6 months old and a little overawed today, good stop and eyes, good angulation fore and aft, just needs time and confidence.

Class 2 Puppy Dog (3) (2abs)

1st. MacDonalds Chedham London’s Calling Well balanced young man of 9 months, alone in this class but a very worthy winner. Broad muzzle, deep stop & strong neck going into good shoulders giving good reach when moving, kept level topline on the move. Moved well, definitely one with a good future. Best PD

Class 3 Junior Dog (7) (3abs)

1st. Farrell, Lamb & Gilbert’s Castlecul Mr Guinness for Lazeybears Beautiful headpiece with the darkest of eyes giving such a benevolent expression, strong muzzle & deep stop, good neck & leg length, strong back & good angulation. Moved well
off for bone & good topline. Moved well
2nd. Another lovely boy who I’m sure will change places with 1 many times, smooth boy of 12 months, good dentition & clean dark eyes good earset & strong neck, good shoulders nice bone & tight feet correct tail carriage & moved well.
3rd. Lane’s Lanebern Gladiator Good head with clean eyes & good stop, broad chest & well

Class 4 Maiden Dog (Absent)

Class 5 Novice Dog (0 Entries)

Class 6 Special Novice Smooth Dog (3) (2 absent)

1st. Lane’s Lanebern Stop the Press Stood alone but worthy of 1st place good head with tight eyes & good dentition, correct earset, good spring of rib & leg length, good croup & tailset. Moved well.

Class 7 Post Graduate Dog (6)

1st. Staley & Brennan’s Chandlimore in the Stars. Lovely headpiece with the darkest of eyes, broad muzzle and good dentition & stop, strong neck going into good shoulders, good turn of stifle & strong hocks, lovely topline on the move & moved with drive. RDCC
2nd. Gibson’s The Great Gatsby Another quality boy with good head, correct ear placement , good length of leg & tight feet, good angulation & tailset, nicely presented & moved well.
3rd. Andrew’s Lanebern On Top at Aveyrew, masculine head with good bite & clean eyes, strong muzzle, good spring of rib, Correct tail carriage, moved well.

Class 8 Limit Dog (2)

1st. Wardle’s Chandlimore Time and Again Loved this boy, have watched him from the ringside and he doesn’t disappoint in the ring. So well balanced, stunning masculine head with such a kind expression, good muzzle & depth of lip, correct dentition, strong neck & good shoulders, super bone and rear angulation, strong back & well muscled hindquarters, moved with drive. Dog CC & BIS and I believe this gives him his well deserved crown.
2. Forrest’s Mountsaviour Druesburg Good sized boy shown in good condition, clean dark eyes, correct bite, good spring of rib & leg length, not moving his best today.

Class 9 Open Dog (4) (2abs)

1st. McMurray’s Alpentire He’s The Gizer, Balanced outline, lovely masculine head with clean eye , good stop & depth of muzzle, good depth of chest, strong back & good rear angulation, moved with drive.
2nd. MacDonald’s Chedham Cos I’m Happy Tall smooth boy, lovely dark clean eyes, broad muzzle & good bite, good bone & tight feet, good spring of rib, & turn of stifle, strong hocks, moved well

Class 10 Special Open Smooth Dog (4)  (1 abs)

1st. Lyon’s & Grubb Bernegardens You Got It At Snowfordhill JW Lovely headpiece good dentition & correct ear placement, broad chest & good shoulder placement level topline, nicely angulated rear & correct tail carriage . Moved well.
2nd. Deegan & Spencer –Gray’s Saranbeck Never A Secret Another nice boy with good head & clean eyes, good reach of neck & depth of chest, good spring of rib correct topline & tail carriage, moved well.
3rd. Muggleton’s Bernmont Muldoon Not the tallest but well balanced boy with good depth of muzzle & correct bite, good bone & tight feet, good topline, just not very enthusiastic about moving today.

Class 11 Special Beginners (1) (1 absent)

Class 12 Minor Puppy Bitch (8) (3 absent)

1st. Grainger’s Chandlimore Banyan For Samhaven What a stunning little girl just 6 months, so well balanced, has beautiful dark eyes giving such a benevolent expression, good bite & depth of muzzle, lovely shoulders & rear angulation, super bone & feet, Moved true coming and going, definitely one to watch in the future. BPIS
2nd. McMurray’s Alpentire Full of Loving, Another quality little girl, feminine head with the darkest of eyes & deep stop, good reach of neck, broad chest & strong bone, correct croup and tail carried well on the move. Moved well.
3rd. Thomas’s Tombears Save The Last Dance Presents a well balanced outline, pleasing head with good ear placement & stop, good leg length & tight feet, good turn of stifle. Shown in good condition

Class 13 Puppy Bitch (7)  (2 absent)

1st.Birkenshaw Armadapark Hera Spring Call. This youngster is full of quality, feminine head and a real benevolent expression. Correct dentition and good stop, good reach of neck and well placed shoulders, good bone and tight feet, lovely topline and strong hocks, another who should have a good future, moved with drive.
2nd.MacDonald’s Chedham Butter Wouldn’t Melt. Another lovely youngster, nice head with good stop, well balanced with good reach of neck, good shoulder placement & depth of chest, nicely angulated rear and good tail carriage, moved well.
3rd.Deegan & Spencer-Gray Chandlimore Cover Story pleasing head with clean eyes, good depth of muzzle, good bone & tight feet, moved well, nicely presented.

Class 14 Junior Bitch (7)

1st. Butt’s Brightacres Your So Facey Well proportioned head with good stop & eye. Good dentition & broad muzzle, nicely balanced, sloping shoulder & good depth of chest, good turn of stifle, held a good topline on the move when settled.
2nd. Ierson’s Chandlimore Creme Caramel Nicely presented, good balance, clean eyes & good ear placement, good reach of neck, topline & tailset. Moved well.
3rd. Bird’s Castlecul Irish Cream At Lazeybears Lovely dark eyes giving benevolent expression broad muzzle & correct bite, broad chest, good leg length & tight feet. Moved well

Class 15 Maiden Bitch (1) 

1.Knighton & Dyer Ultima Ice Guard Nicely presented with good eyes & stop, good bone & feet, difficult to assess movement as she was giving her handler a hard time today

Class 16 Novice Bitch (4) (1 Absent)

1st. Lodge’s Sanflax Saint Snow Queen. Tall well built girl, nicely balanced, good eyes & strong muzzle good drop of lip, broad chest & good bone & turn of stifle. Moved well.
2nd. Ultima Ice Guard
3rd. Lawson’s Ricci Emmy Lou. 8 months old and vey much a baby, lovely dark eyes and good dentition, good bone & nicely presented, not moving her best today.

Class 17 Special Novice Smooth Bitch

1st. Millward’s Millvosis Russian Roulette Good sized with feminine head, darkest of eyes and good stop, correct shoulders & rear angulation, keeping a good topline on the move. Moved well.

Class 18 Post Graduate Bitch (5 1)

1st. Deuchar-Fawcett’s Saranbeck Daisy’s Destiny Lovely smooth girl, super head, broad muzzle, good dentition & earset. Good length of leg & deep chest, good rear angulation & strong hocks, moved well.
2nd. Clarke’s Lazeybears Dark Indulgence Good outline, well balanced, good eyes & dentition, strong neck, good topline & tailset.
3rd. Andrew’s Lanebern Yours Faithfully At Aveyrew Pleasing head with correct stop & muzzle, clean eyes, good leg & neck length, correct tail carriage.

Class 19 Limit Bitch (3) 

Staley & Brennan Chandlimore Razzle Dazzle
1st. I have admired this girl many times from the ringside, lovely feminine head, dark clean eye giving soft expression good muzzle & depth of lip, broad deep chest, good shoulders & turn of stifle, super topline on the move & moved with drive, pleased to award her the RCC.
2nd. Deuchar Fawcett’s Saranbeck Drivin Miss Daisy Another quality bitch with pleasing head, dark eye, deep stop, good bite, strong neck & back, good tail carriage, moved well.
3rd. Bannister’s Chandlimore Rhythm Dancer at Banndean Feminine head with pleasing expression, good earset, strong back & spring of rib, just not moving her best today.

Class 20 Open Bitch (3) (1 absent)

1st. Fitzsimmons, Grainger & Nagrecha’s Chandlimore Leap of Faith What a stunning bitch, everything in the right place and no exaggeration. Presented in beautiful condition, clean dark eyes giving a benevolent expression, good depth of muzzle & drop of lip, strong neck going into well laid shoulders, strong broad back and nicely angulated hindquarters, good croup and tail carriage, moved with drive. Bitch CC & RBIS
2nd. Sheehan’s Parleshan Gabrielle (IR JW CH) Another lovely bitch with a super headpiece, tight clean dark eyes, deep stop, good reach of neck & deep chest, good spring of rib & rear anglulation, moved well.
3rd. Muggleton’s Bernmont Holly Good sized bitch presenting a balanced outline, good head with correct dentition & good earset, broad deep chest, nice bone & tight feet kept a level topline on the moved and moved well.

Class 21 Special Open Smooth Bitch (3) ( 1absent)

1st. Deuchar-Fawcett’s Saranbeck Daisy’s Destiny
2nd. Millward’s Millvosis Vision of Angels Finer built girl but well balanced, dark clean eyes & good ear placement tight feet & good bone. Level topline on the move and good tail carriage. Moved well.

Class 22 Special Beginner’s Bitch

1st. Ierson’s Chandlimore Creme Caramel
2nd. Knighton & Dyer’s Ultima Ice Guard (TAF)

Class 23 Breeders Dog or Bitch (1)
1st. Millvosis Vision of Angels

Class 24 Veteran (1)

1st. Lyons & Grubb Snowfordhill Super Flower Stood alone but so worthy of her 1st place. Lovely dark eyes giving a soft benevolent expression, good stop,& depth of muzzle, strong neck & back, good tail carriage, moved very well for her 8 years.

Class 25 Brace (1)

Millwards. First time together as a brace and so well matched. Moved well together round the ring.

Child Handling critique
Judge: Ms M Smee

I would like to say I really enjoyed judging the child handling and also the handling in the puppy walk. My critique for the child handling was purely on how the child related to the Saint Bernard and how much they listened to my directions in the ring.
1st. Ellie - A super young handler of 12 years old, very confident with this large breed, she reassured the dog when I went over her and moved exactly where I asked her to, she continued talking to the dog throughout the judging, well done Ellie I hope to see you in the ring sometime in the future.
2nd Ellie 15 years – Another handler who was very kind and continued reassuring her dog when being judged, she also listened to my directions when handling a very young puppy, that’s not easy to do! well done Ellie.
3rd Jessica- Only 8 years old and handled very young puppy, she was so pleasant and listened attentively to my directions, encouraging the puppy to follow her and not rushing such a young dog, keep it up!
4th Amily 14 years
5th Eva 14 years